Controversy surrounds Trump’s Secretary of Education nominee

An early vote in the Senate Friday morning advanced Betsy DeVos to the last stage in becoming the U.S. Secretary of Education. The vote to finalize her confirmation will take place early next week.

Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, however, along with all 48 Democrats in the Senate, are expected to oppose DeVos, according to Lauren Camera today in the U.S. News. Unless the Democrats find one more rogue Republican, Vice President Mike Pence will break the tie.

The Secretary of Education isn’t exactly the most powerful position in the cabinet, yet in the New York Times today, Dana Goldstein wrote that the Senate has been bombarded with calls opposing DeVos, protestors in women’s marches have labeled her “an out-of-touch billionaire,” and high schoolers have up and left their classes to express their distaste for the nominee. Betsy DeVos could be “the most jeered” of President Donald Trump’s cabinet picks.

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According to Kimberly Hefling yesterday on Politico, if DeVos is confirmed as secretary of education, the grueling process she’s had to go though could leave her reputation scarred and impede her progress. She will be forced to spend much of her time in office winning the trust of public school officials, special education advocates, and the like, instead of promoting her policies.

Maybe all the controversy stems from the aftermath of Trump’s election, but one thing is certain: Betsy DeVos is the most contested Secretary of Education nominee since the position was created in 1979 and the first who may face rejection.






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