Trump could enforce merit pay for teachers

In his campaign proposal, President Donald Trump promised to promote merit-based pay for teachers to replace “the failed tenure system that currently exists.”

For example, Texas public school teachers currently receive a fixed income with gradual raises as they gain experience, according to the state’s education code. Exact salaries and raises are decided by the district in which the teacher works.

With merit pay, however, teachers’ salaries would be determined by their performance. To evaluate performance, employers would use student test scores and other criteria outlined by their district.

Supporters see merit pay as a way to reward and keep the best employees, while those who are wary of paying by performance focus on the tension it can create among co-workers.

With President Trump and Betsy DeVos at the helm of the education ship now, merit pay for teachers could be on the rise, though no specifics for the policy have been clarified yet.


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