Texas lawmakers divided over school choice and financial reform

Texas lawmakers are split over the push for school choice, which may hold up public school financial reform.

The passage of Senate Bill 3, created by Senate Education Chairman Larry Taylor and supported by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Gov. Greg Abbott, would create two voucher-like programs to implement school choice in Texas, Aliyya Swaby’s Jan. 30, 2017, article on TexasTribune.org said.

House Chairman of Education Dan Huberty, however, “confirmed [that] the Senate’s voucher proposals are dead in the House,” according to an article from TeachtheVote.org. Instead, Huberty plans to focus on public school financial reform.

With the House and Senate at odds with each other, pubic school officials expect a compromise.

“The Senate is not expected to pass some kind of financial reform without the House giving in on their position against vouchers,” Archer City ISD Superintendent *C.D. Knobloch said. “Public schools do need financial reform, but not at the mercy of the voucher system.”

The divide over school policies will most likely prevent this legislative session from making any progress. If vouchers are the price, the cost for financial reform in public schools is too great. The House must not give in to a system that could jeopardize public education.

*C.D. Knobloch is my dad; however, I quote him here because he has worked in education for almost 30 years, serving as a coach, teacher, bus driver, principal and now superintendent.




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