School bus accidents prompt need for seat belts

Riding the bus always felt so free to me when I was in elementary school, probably because I didn’t have to wear a seat belt. After a school bus accident in my hometown, however, that lack of seat belts and school bus safety overall has been on my mind.

According to the National Safety Council, buses are the safest form of transportation to take students to school. Still, they support requiring the use of seat belts in school buses to improve safety and reduce injuries. While buses are secure, they are not immune to accidents.

To further protect students, drivers need know the laws regarding school buses. For example in Texas, cars must stop for a school bus, no matter which side of the road they are on. The Texas Department of Transportation offers more safety tips on their website.

The American School Bus Council estimates that 26 million students take the bus to school everyday, and Americans must do their part to ensure the safety of those children.


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