Role reversal: schools receive A-F grades

Texas’ new A-F accountability plan gives schools themselves a taste of the grading system usually reserved for students.

Though last fall’s report was just a test, schools are not supportive of the new system, which would officially go into effect in 2018, Diane Smith wrote in the Star-Telegram January 4, 2017.

According to an editorial posted on the Houston Chronicle May 11, 2015, the “grades” seem to correlate with poverty levels in schools. With higher poverty levels, schools received lower grades.

Chairman of the House Public Education Committee Rep. Dan Huberty, R-Houston filed House Bill 22 which would make some changes to the system; educators, however, are still not happy, Julie Chang said on My Statesman March 9, 2017.

The new bill would push the official start of the A-F system to 2019 and scale back on a couple of the grading categories, but it would not do enough to form the system into one of accurate accountability for schools.

The system’s current plan of implementation will weaken public schools and harm poorer districts. If this really goes into affect, the legislature could use it to damage public schools’ reputations and, thus, further their school choice-oriented agenda. Real changes need to take place to repeal this system.



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