Spring marks the start of state testing overload

For students and teachers in Texas, with the blossoms of spring comes the start of state testing. In public schools across the state, teachers are in a frenzy to make sure their students are prepared for the STAAR exams.

Used to evaluate student achievement and hold schools accountable, tests like these are necessary to ensure that the future of America is receiving a quality education.

A student concentrates to finish his exam. Photo courtesy of creativecommons.org

The amount of focus poured into these tests, however, could actually be undermining their true purpose.

This 2015 study discussed by Lyndsey Layton in the Washington Post shows the emphasis placed on state testing throughout the nation. Layton states that “a typical student takes 112 mandated standardized tests between pre-kindergarten classes and 12th grade.”

While a system to measure student achievement is vital to the success of education, the current testing system overwhelms the true learning that should be taking place in schools.



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