UIL lets students love learning

Though the education system is not without its flaws (state testing), it has some promising aspects, such as the University Interscholastic League in Texas. Started in 1910 by the University of Texas at Austin, the UIL offers students the chance to compete in athletic, music, drama and academic contests to enrich their educational experience.

The academic contests specifically work to challenge students to learn beyond the knowledge found in the classroom. With over 29 contests for high schoolers and 20 for those in grades second through eighth, the UIL hosts the largest program for academic competitions in the nation.

According to UIL coaches and their students, competing in these contests enhance  learning and teach valuable life skills, from improved test scores and deeper knowledge of the basic curriculum to self-confidence and the value of hard work.

Educators should emphasize program’s like the UIL to show students the value of school and give them the chance to love learning.




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