Texas school choice bill passes Senate

In Texas, legislators are still battling over private school choice. Last week, the Senate voted to pass a revised version of the school choice bill, which now puts it up for debate in the House, where Rep. Dan Huberty declares it will die.

For the sake of public education, Rep. Huberty’s declaration must ring true. Though Senate Bill 3 has seen some changes, they are not enough to warrant its passage into law.

Lawmakers have edited the bill to limit the type of students who can qualify for vouchers to make it seem more appealing to its opponents, according to Aliyya Swaby March 30, 2017, in the Texas Tribune. The truth behind vouchers, however, remains; they are just a tool for the government to slash funding for public education.

By subsidizing students’ tuition for private school, Swaby writes that this bill would cost the government only 75 percent of what it pays for students to receive public education. The state may need to save money, but cutting the funds for education deprives future generations–the ones who will be responsible for shaping the world as we know it.

The revisions to Senate Bill 3 may seem appealing, but voting a soft version of school choice into law will only open the door for more aggressive versions to take hold of education.




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