Future teacher talks career goals

Pictures and mementos from former students line the classroom walls as students scribble down their notes and hang on their teacher's every word. For Gayle Konderla, a sophomore Mathematics Major participating in the Aggie Teach program at Texas A&M, that's the dream. "Every person, usually when they get into high school, has one or two … Continue reading Future teacher talks career goals


Journalism adviser speaks of UIL’s impact

Sitting side-by-side with her students and pouring over years' worth of practice prompts to prepare for the next meet, Carol Cox thinks to herself, "This is what it's all about." As Archer City High School's UIL Journalism Adviser, Cox has coached her teams to 10 district, four regional and two state championships. Her passion for … Continue reading Journalism adviser speaks of UIL’s impact

UIL lets students love learning

Though the education system is not without its flaws (state testing), it has some promising aspects, such as the University Interscholastic League in Texas. Started in 1910 by the University of Texas at Austin, the UIL offers students the chance to compete in athletic, music, drama and academic contests to enrich their educational experience. The academic contests … Continue reading UIL lets students love learning

Teaching Over Testing Act offers hope to improve education

The flaws of state testing mentioned in my last two posts (here and here) have not gone unnoticed by lawmakers. Texas Rep. Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) announced the Teaching Over Testing Act Feb. 1, 2017, to decentralize the impact of standardized testing in the classroom. Also known as House Bill 1333, the act offers four … Continue reading Teaching Over Testing Act offers hope to improve education

Spring marks the start of state testing overload

For students and teachers in Texas, with the blossoms of spring comes the start of state testing. In public schools across the state, teachers are in a frenzy to make sure their students are prepared for the STAAR exams. Used to evaluate student achievement and hold schools accountable, tests like these are necessary to ensure … Continue reading Spring marks the start of state testing overload

Role reversal: schools receive A-F grades

Texas' new A-F accountability plan gives schools themselves a taste of the grading system usually reserved for students. Though last fall's report was just a test, schools are not supportive of the new system, which would officially go into effect in 2018, Diane Smith wrote in the Star-Telegram January 4, 2017. According to an editorial posted … Continue reading Role reversal: schools receive A-F grades